Server Migration Notice to Websrv06

From a performance perspective, websrv05 has been great for us. That said, I knew it would be a relatively short run on it, given that it is running the CentOS 7 Linux operating system, which is officially end-of-life in June 2024.

Today, I am announcing our upcoming migration to websrv06!

Like its predecessor, websrv06 is super fast (40 CPU cores, 128 GB of RAM, and 4 TB of RAID 1 storage). It runs PHP 8.3 and MariaDB 10.11 for excellent website security and performance, and it is running the latest version of Plesk 18 for a great web hosting management experience.

The migration of accounts will start this week and will be finished by the end of April. Once the migration of your account is complete, I will send you an email notification to let you know.

As with our last migration, you should not notice much or any downtime during the migration process.

Keep Informed of Urgent Updates

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Known Issues

Annoying Could not issue/renew Lets Encrypt certificates Emails
Once your account has been migrated, you may receive Lets Encrypt notifications with the subject of “Could not issue/renew Lets Encrypt certificates.” These are sent from the old server and can safely be ignored. They may continue until all domains have been migrated; I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server Changes
Some people have had to set their incoming/outgoing mail server in their email client (e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird) to to avoid TLS certificate errors. If this is you, you will have to change your incoming/outgoing mail server to

This issue will not affect most people, as most have correctly set their incoming/outgoing mail servers to their domain name (e.g.,,

Websites Requiring PHP 7.4
Unfortunately, PHP 7.4 is way past end-of-life and will not be supported on websrv06. We will be transitioning all sites to PHP 8.3 during the migration process. This change may negatively impact some older PHP-based websites. If you notice any issues with your PHP-based website, please feel free to let me know, and I will try to help you.

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